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About Periegeta and Anna Bruno

The portal www.periegeta.it came to light in 1994 when Anna Bruno and some other collegues founded a cultural association of archaeologists and art historians. Deriving from the ancient greek word periegeomai, it means “I take you around“, as the association’s goal was guiding tourists in Rome, its environs and the Vatican.

Among their clients: Alitalia, Fimcantieri, Pfizer, Goodyear, Smeethkline-beecham, O.I.C., Fox but also famous people (expecially Americans) from cinema or television.

So Anna Bruno has taken around the Eternal city, actors like Mel Gibson, directors like Johnatan Lynn, music producers like John Esposito, writers like John Gray and the Nobel Prize for Peace Wangari Maatai.

Anna Bruno is also an official guide of the Vatican city.

Anna Bruno has published the book: “Anima Persa Anima Ritrovata. Periegesi all’interno dei giardini vaticani“, published by Palombi Editori, in February 2017, and for children “A prova di Sbadiglio. Giochiamo con il ritratto” and “A prova di sbadiglio giochiamo con il paesaggio” published by Palombi Editori, in October 2009 and February 2010. The books will be published in English soon.

Anna Bruno conceived two projects on Educational Tours: for kids and families, A prova di sbadiglio (Creative tours) for families with kids; and Oltre i confini: vedere (Reading art pieces beyond their surfaces) for schools of any kind and order, and university.

What we offer:

Customized tours for individuals or groups

Walking tours and slow walking tours

Chauffered tours (we provide for transportation)

Fun educational tours for families

Interactive educational tours for school and university students

Documentaries and web videos

Scripts and screenplays for fiction, docufiction and documentaries

For film producers: cultural assistence, translations, shooting permits, transportation, guiding assistence

Anna Bruno e Wangari-Maathai

After getting a diploma at the School for Interpreters and Translators in Florence, she got a degree in Litterature and foreigner languages, and art history major.
She writes art book for kids, she is a screen-writer, a scripter and a documentarist.

Member of COMUNE-INFO, common people association, for them she writes articles in Italian and make documentaries such as “Raccontiamola giusta, primo incontro solidale nel Lazio” (Let’s say it right, first meeting of  a sustainable and socially inclusive economy).

You can read her articles in the hereunder link:

At the moment she is conceiving a project for a television programme on kids and art for Inthelfim production company of the film director Marco Simon Puccioni and other documentary projects are being carried out for Comune-info.

She wrotes fiction scripts for and with the film director Maurizio Giordano and its film association Baruffa film.

She was the cultural and logistic assistant in Rome of the Australian film production BigQuestions by Grenville Kent , in December 2014

She writes for the magazine NIGRIZIA on African art in Rome.

Between 2010 and 2011, she was commissioned by the Vatican Governatorate a project to renovate the Vatican gardens, and the garden of the cloister of St. John in Lateran.

The two projects that she carried out together with the director of the Vatican gardens, Luciano Cecchetti, at that time, were approved by the same Governatorate in the summer of 2011.

An article by Anna Bruno, was published on the garden of the cloister.