Documentaries and screenplays

Writing a script

Writing a script for me is to make a synthesis after con-templating Nature or human events, persons and their insights. Writing a script is like transforming my thoughts, impressions and feelings  into poetical sounds, actions and images: a spiritual bridge running from my insights to where (or what) my curiosity has led me… 

Shooting a documentary

Shooting a documentary to me is to unveal every time a bit of the unknown to myself. When I come into a subject and feel deeply touched by it, I can see the images running in front of me, spontaneously.  I then enter into a heuristic process first by starting a mental journey and research which follows my intuition. And in doing this my mind never forgets of being in touch with my insights to make my energy, creativity and empathy come out and sculpt my new idea. My journey then continues to reinvent the subject I am treating, trying to reach the others’ soul. Because a documentary is not only information, but a story and a story of human soul in touch with Nature and the Universe 

Cinema has always been one of my passions as well as theatre. I grew up in a small village in the South of Italy where there was only one movie theatre. And I really think now I was lucky as I had free entrance! I went to watch a movie at least once a week and to the theatre once a month. And I could not wait for those few hours happily spent there. So, when I attended  university I chose to pass a few exams on the “seven art”  in contemparary art, but also on the history of cinema and in particular Italian cinema,  and  on the realtionship between cinema and paintings. All very interesting subjects for me!

Very soon, writing for cinema became a strong desire that I first cultivated personally. But later, I felt necessary to attend a cinema school  and take lessons and workshops on scripts (one of them with Ugo Chiti) and documentary. This happened when I met the Italian director Maurizio Giordano. After he read some of my writings, he asked me to write for him and his association, the Baruffa film. A few years later I started to make my own videos.

Since then, as a cultural expert in Rome, I have assisted a few film productions like the Big Questions, an Austrialian film production  when they shot a documentary in Rome.

As a member of Comune-info, Association of common people (an Italian online bottom-up approch to information), I was requested of shooting a documentary on the first meeting of suitainable and inclusive economy in Latium. The documentary is called “Raccontiamola giusta”. Hereunder, please enjoy 5 minutes of the whole documentary:



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