Beyond bounderies: the historical gardens in Rome and its environs

Between the desire for affirmation and mystical needs: the historical gardens in Rome and Latium

A garden has always been a place of history, myth, fantasy, art and poetry, music, literature and spirituality: from the legendary hanging gardens of Nineveh and Babylon, traditionally considered as one of the Seven Wonders, to the Homeric ones of the palace of Alcinoo; from the Greek gardens adorned with gymnasia, porticoes, temples, to the gardens of sumptuous ancient Roman villas – many of which were in Trastevere (Horace mentions Caesar’s hortii in Sat., I, 9,) – full of buildings and water; from the luxuriant Arab gardens annexed to the palaces with fantastic architectures, which greatly influenced medieval European gardens, to the Chinese and Japanese ones, where shapes, colours and symbols lead to inner peace. Because a garden is always a mirror and path of the soul, for those who create and take care of it, but also for those who cross it. A garden is the place to rediscover the pleasure of contemplation and at the same time take the difficult path towards balance and harmony. In almost all of Lazio, including Rome, some gardens have preserved, more or less clearly, their original idea, for which they were conceived: from the ancient Roman ones to the medieval, Renaissance and 18th or 19th century ones up to the eclectic ones of the 19th or 20th century. Some of these gardens worked as a model for the 17th-century French gardens and for the 18th or 19th century Anglo-Saxon ones…

Hereunder my proposals:

  1. Rome: Borghese Gallery (visit of the collection) and the park (three-hours walking tour)
  2. Rome: Villa Pamphilji and villa Sciarra (three-hours walking tour)
  3. Rome: Let’s immagine the ancient Roman gardens: from Mecenate’s Auditorium (special opening) to the painted gardens of Livia’s villa at Palazzo Massimo, to the statues which decorated ancient Roman gardens at the Capitoline Museums (duration: from three to four hours)
  4. Tivoli: from Hadrian’s villa to the Renaissance villa d’Este (full day-tour by reserved private car) 
  5. Vatican: the Vatican Gardens (special visit)
  6. Around Viterbo. The gardens of Tuscia area: from the Farnese Palace and its gardens in Caprarola; to villa Lante in Bagnaia; (full day tour)
  7. Around Viterno: The Sacred Wood in Bomarzo and the Sacred garden “La Scarzuola” (full day tour)

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