The Esquiline hill: underground and aboveground, between ancient esotericism and Christianity

The Esquiline hill: underground and aboveground, between esotericism and Christianity

Still today full of mysteries, the Esquiline hill was, at the time of ancient Rome, the district where to meet witches, alchemists, exorcists and many other enigmas still today to be unveiled. A hill where early 20th-century buildings are mingled with historical Christian churches and remains of Pagan temples. Indeed,  Oriental religions such as Mithraism and the cult of Isis and Serapis flourished in the area during the emperial Rome. But, later, during the Middle Ages, they disappeared underneath churches as the early Christians in Rome fought with their presence. From the Mithreum which is underneath the 4th-century basilica still underneath the 12th-century basilica of St. Clement (one upon the other one), we will walk up to the remains of the large tempe of Isis and Serapis, and then stroll through the remains of the park of the Esquiline hill to reach and visit the excavations underneath the basilica of St. Martino ai Monti. Soon after we will proceed to visit the little mosaic-decorated chapel of St. Zeno in the Medieval church of St. Praxedis, to finish with the 20th-century eclectic piazza Vittorio where the so-called 17th-century Magic door is.

The walking tour lasts four hours but it can be custumized according to tastes and choices of the participants

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