The stone of Roman history

Archaeological walks between history and imagination, surprises and feelings…


  1. The Palatine Hill. Nestled between the Sacred and Profane, the Palatine – a hill considered as sacred by the ancient Romans – still talks about itself. Starting point of the history of Rome, it was transformed into an enormous garden-residence by the emperors. From its ridges, terraces and the XVI-century Horti Farnesiani, the view of the Roman Forum is aerial and breathtaking… to end with the Flavian Amphitheater, the so called Colosseum.
    Our stroll on the Palatine hill will last 2.5 hours if only the Palatine with a view of the Roman Forum and explaination of the Colosseum from outside; 3h with the Colosseum inside.
  2. The Capitoline Museums, the oldest public museums in the world to start with… where statues such as the She-wolf or the Spinario, busts and portraits of philosophers and emperors, inscriptions, reliefs, ancient paintings and mosaics will drag us among the glories of ancient Rome. From the ancient State Archives, we will have a breathtaking view over the Forum through where we will have a walk soon after to reach the ancient Flavian Amphitheatre, the so called Colosseum.
    Our stroll will last from 2h50 to 3h50 hours, according to the Colosseum if explained inside or outside
  3. While caressed by the sea breeze, we will travel back in time, through the ruins of Ancient Ostia, the second most preserved Roman city in the world after Pompeii. And this is to delve into the experience of an ancient Roman city, and the habits and customs of its people, its cults and culture… Ostia antica is located 40 minutes from Rome and can be reached by train or by car.
    Our stroll at Ostia will last 6 hours, including the round trip by public train, or 4 hours if you go there by private transportation.
  4. A few hours along the oldest of the consular roads of ancient Rome, the Appian Way, where we will undertake a journey by private transportation. We will have some stops, walks and visit some of the monuments, up the ground and underground (such as the catacombs).
    Our stroll along the Appian Way walk therefore requires to have a driver at our disposal and may last from 3 hours to 5 hours according to one’s choice                 Please ask for further information about options and other sites we may visit together.



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