The Aventine Hill, suspended between ancient Pagan wisdom and Christian wisdom

The Aventine Hill, where the echoes of ancient cults mix with the cult of the Christians of the first centuries…

It was chosen by Remus as a sighting place in the dispute with his brother Romulus for the foundation of Rome. It is still a magical place today, the main spot of numerous legends and true stories… A green and silent island in the heart of the city, which invites anyone to meditate among its gardens, breathtaking views over the city and Tiber and churches, among the oldest in Rome!

Starting from the statue of Giuseppe Mazzini overlooking the Circus Maximus and the Palatine hill, we will walk up the Aventine hill through the state Rose Garden conceived on the 17th-century Jewish graveyard.  And still up through the most peaceful but elegant quater of Rome with its beautiful houses of the end of 19th to the years 30s of the 20th century. And among them Medieval churches dominating Rome and the Tiber! We will visit the 5th-century basilica of San Sabina with its typical architecture and decorations of the earliest Christian churches in Rome and its original 6th-century wooden door and the famous Orange Garden whose view of the city is among the most beautiful in Rome. And more and more… an enriching visit not only for the mind but for one’s spirit in search of peace, silence and amenities…

Our stroll on the Aventine hill may last from three to 4 hours, but it may have some changes on request

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