Trastevere, the Jewish ghetto and Tiber Island… and… the charm of their history and secrets over time

The charm of history in the neighborhoods of Trastevere, the Jewish ghetto and the Tiber Island

Trastevere, beyond the Tiber: a district of scents, colours and anecdotes, of the Roman tarantella dance, of legends and beliefs, and of the Roman gods who mix with oriental cults such as the Jewish and early Christian ones. Strolling through its alleys and historic squares still has its magical flavour. Despite the invasiveness of the nightlife on weekends. A port and peripheral area of ancient Rome, in the Middle Ages it was populated with shelters, orphanages and convents, churches and a famous apothecary, the apothecary of the popes. But also of palaces, villas and gardens: a mixture that had the flavor of cross-breeding. A flavour that remains today.

Thus the Jewish ghetto which, in its deafening silence evoking the worst period in Italian history, – together with the Regola neighborhood – runs parallel to it. Among them the Tiber river, which precisely at that point cradles its only island, the Tiber island, which still connects them today.

I definately propose to you more than one itineraries: a simple historical, architectural and culinary stroll can lead to the exploration of extremely interesting museums and other sites closed to the public. 

Our stroll may last from 2:30h to six hours and it can be customized according to tastes and choices of the participants.

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