My creative and writing and reading groups

My creative and writing and reading groups

My creative and writing and reading groups are interdisciplinary and metaphorical meetings of the soul where Art, art history, fairy tale, mythology, poetry and narrative mingle. They have been designed and developed for adults, children (aged 3-7 and aged 3-10) and adolescents (aged 11-18) over the years. They aim at stimulating

  1. observation and interpretation skills of the visual and figurative art as well as of written texts,
  2. active listening
  3. ability to collaborate,
  4. have cultural exchanges,
  5. awareness of the self and one’s potential to a higher level

The interdisciplinary and metaphorical approach uses at different levels, for the various age groups, the midwife method indicated by Socrates, maieutics, trying to promote in the participants a transformative process from receiving subjects into spect-Actors.

The themes are chosen from time to time and according to age groups and tastes. In each theme chosen, interdisciplinarity follows its own common thread that involves the mind (interpretative ability), the body (free dance, acting, etc.), emotions.

In addition to visual art, I normally choose a narrative story or poetry, and music so that the sharing of every form of language can feed fantasy and imagination, critical sense and connecting skills.

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