Traditional and Unusual Tours in Rome

The stones of history

Walking through the ruins of the Roman Forum is to smell history deeply, being kidnapped by the world of imagination and feel the Glory of an Emperial metropolis but also its decline… in our womb! And furthermore, it is to realize about its capacity of transformation at any time! A sense of transformation that never leaves us while we are  walking up to the top of the Palatine hill: the most famous sacred hill that saw the birth of the Eternal city. One of those seven hills, later chosen by the emperors  to built their own residence named out of  the same hill: Palatium.   Our tour will finish at the Flavian Amphitheatre where the gladiators’ stories and anectodes have raved over 2000-year generations’ attention: the so-called Colosseum.

The tour is also tailored for families with kids. It will be an interactive tour where the kids are helped to get dressed like the Roman kids and given questions with multiple answers and furthermore…

The papacy as guardian of Rome’s artistic heritage

In this photo we can see how it was around the Vatican before end of the XIX century when Italy was unified. The Vatican though became in 1929, when it was called  the Vatican City.  Pope Pius XI renovated the whole new born state. The papal galleries together with the Raphael’s rooms and the  SISTINE CHAPEL, always considered as a giant jewel-case to visit, were opened to the public.

Like Gulliver in Gulliver’s travels, we can immagine to become very small to be able to enter the jewel-case to go and spy and discover… and switch our fantasy, feelings, emotions! The basilica of  St. Peter will be waiting for us with its famous square ready to embrace us…to make us feel intimidated and comfortable at the same time…

The historical centre of Rome: its open theatrical living-rooms and their fountains as their natural scenario

A real pleasant stroll from Piazza del Popolo, to “the Spanish Steps“,  to Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, piazza Navona (in the photo),  Campo dei Fiori and Piazza Farnese, is like going back to the time when the Roman piazzas were transformed into interactive theatrical events… a picturesque atmosphere for any grand-tourist arriving in Rome for the first time. And on the way lots of futher proposal where, at your choice, we can stop and visit, underground and above the ground!…

General sightseeing of Rome with guide and driver

History and architecture styles, gossip and anectodes will be mingled to give you a little taste of this marvelous city.

Walking through a virtual garden at The National Roman Museum of Palazzo Massimo

Wandering inside a virtual garden to get lost among statues, frescoed medical flowers and plants, stuccoes and mosaics  to admire theatrical or sport movements, or perfect shapes, sometimes crossing to give birth to other perfect figures, and smell parfumes of the Classical Time!

From the woods of life told us by the statues of Gods and Roman heros, up up up to the plaisure of contemplation in the frescoed gardens from Livia’s villa (Augustus’ wife) where at last the soul comes out from Darkness to Light. We will finish with a real rare numismatic collection and an extensive collection of Roman jewelry. Not to talk about a little Roman girl’s skeleton  and her old beautiful toys!

At the Capitoline museums Art may get animated!

Walking through the first public collection of classical sculptures in the modern world, means to come across with the She-Wolf who does not disdain to be admired, with the Boy with the thorn who needs some help and the Medusa who loves instoning visitors and the list may be too long. At the end the victorious emperor Marcus Aurelius riding his horse will introduce you his philosophy of life. A tour loved by those who are interested in the deep meaning of life! 

The aristocracy in Rome between the XVI and XVIII centuries: their Palaces downtown and a suburban villa

Palazzo Colonna of which the regal baroque interior of the residence,  owned by haughty but competent patrons of the arts, became the expression of magnificence par excellence between the XVII and XVIII century.


Palazzo Doria-Pamphilj with its apartments with a ballroom, drawing rooms, dining rooms, and a family chapel, its picture gallery.


the Borghese gallery a marvellous house-gallery where Old Masters like Bernini, Caravaggio, Canova and a long list of many others enjoyed themselves playing with their brush or chisel.


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