Following pope Julius II’s footsteps at the Vatican

Following pope Julius II’s footsteps at the Vatican

Ehi! Have you seen pope Julius II anywhere? The famous warrior pope that does not like laziness? Telling you the truth he thinks of himself he is the God Apollo…the God of harmony living with the Muses on the Mount Parnasus. Like Apollo pope Julius loves fighting and taking his revenge sometimes and, have a guess, he loves art at the same time! What a funny person pope Julius is!…

No doubt, I really believe that if we start to follow his track we will certainly enjoy ourselves! We will be in the middle of enstoned or painted gardens, and up up up through his long and long rooms to walk in until we will find ourselves with the nose up, watching Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam in the Sistine chapel! And, ehi! Please, have another guess!…even Michelangelo has taken his revange…against the same pope Julius II! How? Well, he made fun out of him many times on the painting! But of course, all the messages are kept secret! The pope will never know about that!…

The kids will also be given all the educational material needed!

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