Documentaries and screenplays

Writing a script

Writing a script is not like writing a story or a novel!

Writing a script is like writing deep thoughts and feelings being turned into sounds and actions, expressions and dialogues and futhermore… it is insights being turned into images, music, silence… in two words: it is already visual art telling you a story!

Shooting a documentary

In the same way, shooting a documentary is like unvealing every time a bit of the unknown… to yourself and those who will watch it.

It is like coming into a subject and letting yourself being deeply touched by it, before you start to work on it… obsessively.  As a matter of fact, art and/or information come after a severe disruption of your insight, because of what otherwise will not be unvealed. An artist as well as someone dealing with information, are those who first see the Light and will indicate it! Even if this will cost a sacrifice or emargination sometimes!

In any case, a good documentary will touch souls deeply and not only do inform minds. Of course you need a proper tecnique for this bu… tecnique comes after the ability of seeing, it comes after ideas, and it comes after a real commitment or an intensive teamwork.

Anna Bruno approached cinema very slowly… It took years! When she was still studying at university, she passed exams on the history of cinema and Italian cinema, an exam on cinema and painting, and she attended lessons on contemporary art for a few years!

Consequently, writing for cinema became a real passion that she  cultivated personally. She took lessons on scripts and documentary when she had already met the Italian director Maurizio Giordano. After reading some of her writings, he had asked her to write for him and his association, the Baruffa film. Later, she assisted as a cultural expert, the Austrialian film production the Big Questions when they shot a documentary in Rome.
As a member of Comune-info, Association of common people (an Italian online bottom-up approch to information), she was requested of shooting a documentary on the first meeting of suitainable and inclusive economy in Latium. The documentary is called “Raccontiamola giusta”.

At the moment she is working on a project on art and kids – and on screen-plays consequently to this project –  for the Italian film production INTHELFILM while other ideas for documentary projects are being concieved together with the association Comune-info.


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