Interactive Family tours

These are special itineraries – in Rome and/or its environs and at the Vatican – tailored for families with kids. The tours will have an interactive maieutic approach:  parents and children will be led into a narrative path where different interdisciplinary workshops will transform them into the spect-Actors of the whole story! And a different story for any itinerary you will choose!…

Please do not forget to give me a few information about your kids: age, school grade  and interests and I will customize a few itineraries for your special family! In the meantime, please have a look at the few hereunder example of  my suggested itineraries (and if you are not interested in them, do not hesitate to ask for other ones!):

An art educational itinarary at the national contemporary art museum in Rome

Following pope Julius II’s track at the Vatican

Exploring the Castel St. Angelo

Storytelling among the theatrical squares and streets of Rome’s historical centre

At the villa Borghese with the kids: the gallery and park

Exploring part of the Roman giant hidden museum: Rome’s underground

At the Circus Maximus and Baths of Caracalla with Lucius

he Renaissance villa Farnesina and Trastevere with the kids

Half a day as Roman kids at Ancient Ostia

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For further information or if you like to book one (or more) of my itineraries please use one of the hereunder contacts 


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