Michelangelo’s mystical wisdom

On the path to the Divine: Michelangelo Buonarroti in Rome and the Vatican

When still a teen-ager, at the court of Lorenzo the Magnificent in Florence, Michelangelo learned from illustrious tutors such as Marsilio Ficino, Pico della Mirandola and Poliziano who greatly influenced him with regard to their recent studies on the Talmud, Midrash and Torah. Therefore, we will start our thematic stroll on this Old Master from the Moses in the basilica of St. Peter’s in Chains to continue with the classical statues that most influenced him and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Museums. An unusual experience with a Michelangelo who, while disdaining the discipline of grammar as a child, will be struck by the symbolic signs of the Hebrew language and the Kabbalah as an adult.

Our stroll on Michelangelo’s will last 4 hours. But it may have some changes to be agreed together, according to your tastes and choices

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