The great themes and places of contemporary art in Rome

The great themes and places of contemporary art in Rome

It has already been a long time since Contemporary Art has chosen not to wait for being selected to be locked up in a museum. Increasingly more it  has gone down in the streets to meet with public opinion directly. This is probably also to avoid a system that too much often pretends to direct the artists’ idea and thoughts underlying their artworks, to canalize them into others’ ideas and thoughts. This is the reason why I try to choose free paths and more independent artists trying to enjoy them deeply! Hereunder some of the museums of Contemporary Art, waiting also for interesting exhibitions:

the Street Art of Tor Marancia or of the Museo Muro

– the museum Metropoliz, dell’Altro e dell’Altrove on the Prenestina way (visitabile solo di sabato)

– the museum Maxxi

– the museum Macro

– the Gn, Galleria nazione d’arte moderna e contemporanea

– the Global village at Testaccio



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