The Papal Rome as a theatrical stage

The papal Rome: a theatrical stage of different stages

Starting from the northern gateway to the papal Rome, the square of the first Roman embrace, the scenographic and regal Piazza del Popolo, it can be a breathtaking experience! And still more amazing will be to stroll through historic streets, alleys and avenues in that so-called “English” quarter slowly. This is to take our time to peek private courtyards and gardens inside aristocratic palaces and /or common housing buildings, and visit an 18-century art studio inside a modern café. On the way, we will stop to converse with the famous Roman talking statues! Make sure that you will have a piece of paper and a pencil with you, so we can stick your thoughts on the statues! Like the Romans still do! Soon after, we will have a défilé at the Spanish steps and have a coffee where artists, writers and poets from all over the world have found the meeting point since the 18th century: the Caffè Greco. Not only! We will also visit an 18th-century bed & breakfast where the famous English poet Keats lived and died: the Keats and Shelley Memorial house. And continuing between streets, alleys and historic avenues we will reach the Trevi Fountain, and its underground….in the archaeological area of Vicus Caprarius or City of Water. Crossing later the elegant main avenue of the historical centre, Via del Corso, we will reach the 17th-century Church of S. Ignazio di Loyola (the only church in Rome having an illusory painted dome) and the Pantheon, up to the circus square par excellence: Piazza Navona ( in the photo) with the excavations underneath: the remains of the Emperor Domitian’s Stadium.

Our stroll in the historical centre of Rome lasts from three to four hours and it can be customized according to tastes and choices of the participants.

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