Underground Rome: a giant hidden museum tracing Rome’s past

Underground Rome: a giant hidden museum tracing Rome’s past

  1. Every time we venture underneath our daily trampling, through the ruins of underground Rome, we feel like embarking on a fascinating journey back in time! We will start from the basilica of S. Clemente, built in the 12th-century on top of an older 4th-century basilica, in turn obtained from the first floor of two 1st-century AD buildings. C.. The latter were built on another building dating back 2nd-century BC. We will continue among the excavations below the basilica of Ss. Silvestro and Martino ai Monti, with its old basilica and a previous titulus. We will finish with the Vicus Caprarius, or museum of the City of Water underneath the Trevi Fountain, the excavations of which have brought to light a huge water distribution cistern, the so-called castellum aquae
  1. Here after walking through the small archeological area of the Teatre Marcellus, we will cross the Tibur island to reach and visit the excavations underneath the basilica of St. Cecilia, where some rooms referring to athermal plant and ancient dwellings have been brought to light. We will end with the excavations underneath the basilica of St. Crisogono, where the old 4th-century basilica was built on Roman buildings and a laundry. 

Both tours will last three hours.


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