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Storytelling Rome

What makes Rome the most fascinating city in the world? It is of course its ability of donating, but slowly, its misterous soul to anyone is ready for! Rome is an open-air theatre where the scenes change at each turning of the streets to stricke you first of all and then leave you full of curiosity and dreams. Rome? It can really be a mystical experience…

Here under my itineraries

Strolling through the historical centre of Rome

The Papal Rome as a stage set

The Oriental gate of Rome: Trastevere

The Jewish ghetto and catacombs

Esoteric Rome

Michelangelo’s esoteric and mystical wisdom

Borromini and Bernini confront each other

The Esquiline, the most esoteric hill in Rome

The Coppedé district, the House of the Owl and the  Capuchin Crypt

Rome’s archaeological sites

The district of Testaccio

The stones of history

The Queen of the Roman Roads: Appian way

Ancient Ostia

Christian itineraries

Itinerary 1

Itinerary 2

Itinerary 3

Galleries and museums

The papacy as guardian of Rome’s artistic heritage

Walking through a virtual garden at The National Roman Museum of Palazzo Massimo

At the Capitoline museums Art may get animated!

The aristocracy in Rome between the XVI and XVIII centuries: their Palaces downtown and a suburban villa