The Esquiline, the most esoteric hill in Rome

The Esquiline, the most esoteric hill in Rome

Still today full of mysteries, the Esquiline hill was, at the time of ancient Rome, the district where to meet witches, alchemists, exorcists and many other enigmas still today to be unveal. A hill with an obscure side of its soul where its early twentieth century buildings are mingled with historic churches, it has been one of the most esoteric district in the city, since ancient times. Here  pagan oriental religions such as Mithraism and the cult of Isis and Serapis still flourished, and against which Christians fought with their presence. From the mithreum underneath the two churches (one above the other one) of St. Clement we will walk up the stairs on top of which we will see the remains of the large tempe of Isis and Serapis, we will vist the little medieval church of St. Praxedis and the chapel of St. Zeno, the basilica of St. Maria Maggiore, to finish at the XIX century garden-piazza Vittorio where the Magic door is there…to lead us back again in an esoteric path

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