Fun family tours

Visiting Rome with kids and a storyteller to make them enjoy history and art with a playful approach.

Guided tours

Visiting Rome slowly to see it, to feel it, to live it deeply… and take it with you… for ever!

A glimpse beyond bounderies

For schools and universities; visiting Rome with an interactive approach to make students more curious and passionate about art and history.

Documentaries, screen-plays and scripts

Scripts and researches for documentaries, fiction and docu-fictions. Documentaries in education, art, environment and society.

About Periegeta and Anna Bruno, a portal that came to light when, in 1994, Anna Bruno, together with some other collegues had the idea to found a cultural association of archaeologists and art historians. Deriving  from the ancient greek word periegeomai, it means “I take you around”, as their goal was: taking tourists around Rome, its environs and the Vatican.

Among their clients: Alitalia, FimcantieriPfizerGoodyearSmeethkline-beechamO.I.C., Fox but also famous people (expecially Americans) from cinema or television.

So Anna Bruno has taken around the Eternal city, actors like Mel Gibson, directors like Johnatan Lynn, music producers like John Esposito, writers like John Gray and the Nobel Prize for Peace Wangari Maatai.

Anna Bruno is also an official guide of the Vatican city.

Two Educational Tour projects were also concieved by Anna Bruno: for kids and families,  A prova di sbadiglio (Creative tours) for families with kids; for schools of any kind and order, and university: Oltre i confini: vedere (Learning to see beyond bounderies)

Your holidays in Rome and at the Vatican

Cappella Sistina
In Rome for a few days only? Here are some suggestions to enjoy the best of the Eternal City and Vatican.

From the archeological sites to the picturesque historic city centre to the beautiful villas and gardens in Rome and/or in its environs.

Discover our services and book your personal visit.

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