Nature offers perfect shapes so that human souls can find their own equilibrium, the ancient Greek philosophers believed. Art is nothing but a mirror for that state of mind where you can get in touch with the Divine, who is in the deepest part of yourself….

Please, just watch the video to have a brief idea, it only lasts a few minutes:

Art Education and kids

Art Education makes kids developping empathy, intuition, critical thoughts…

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Art Education, teen-agers and adults

Talking about Art and historical gardens and /or visiting them with an interdisciplinary and interactive approach…

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A glimpse beyond bounderies

Looking at art and gardens beyond the surface with an interdisciplinary approach… 

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Talking about films and documentaries

Talking about films and documentaries is not always easy, you really need to be in touch with the essence of those who conceived it…or sometimes be very far away…

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Anna Bruno, il Periegeta

From the ancient greek word periegeomai, periegeta means “I take you around” to discover the soul of history and art in Rome and its environs. For over 25 year (since 1994) Anna Bruno has been a personal guide for individuals and families around the Eternal city; an Art educator for kids, students and adults in museums and historical gardens.  

However, Anna Bruno is also a writer. As an expert of historical gardens and Art education and symbols, she wrote a book on the Vatican gardens and a second one on Art education in museums. 

She conceived three interactive (and interdisciplinary) Art Educational projects: 1. Art Creative tours for kids (from 3 to 10 years old), families, schools ; 2. A glimpse beyond bounderies:  interactive Education tours for students (middle school, high school and university) and adults; Seminaries and workshops on Art Education for educators, teachers and guides in museums

She is a scripter and she loves painting.

Your holidays in Rome and at the Vatican

Cappella Sistina
In Rome for a few days only? For a week, weeks or a few months? Here are some suggestions to enjoy the best of the Eternal City, its environs and Vatican.

Please ask for further information about unusual tours; fun family tours; Thematic Educational tours for students; special openings; Art Education seminaries and workshop …or Anna Bruno’s books (for the moment available only in Italian)!


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