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A spiritual journey through the Vatican gardens

  (…) I crossed my second threshold and I definitively emerged from the darkness of the forest, metaphor of that spirit overshadowed by the lack of knowledge. I found myself in front of some long avenues converging towards a focal point. I felt my lungs suddenly revive: the light was no longer held back and […]

The Artist who Applied the Glow of the Divine with a Flat Brush: Michelangelo Buonarroti in the Sistine Chapel

When you study Michelangelo Buonarroti from the official books, you may not  often find it helpful if you are looking for something more than his techniques, superficial iconography, historical context and even his rebellious and sometimes said “hysterical” personality. From those books, it is almost impossible to reach his soul to really grasp what lies […]

The viaticum: a journey to the Sacred

In ancient Rome, anyone who decided to start a journey would carry their own travel bag with them: the so-called viaticum. Over time, this word, viaticum, ended up suggesting the journey itself. Not necessarily the physical one and not even the travels we normally consume better than undertake them spiritually. A journey was only the […]

The renewed garden of St. John in the Lateran’s cloister

If you like to discover which is the most charming medieval cloister in Rome, for sure  you will have to visit the basilica of John in the Lateran’s. And It is also the largest one with its 118,00 feet (36 metres) per side! An unquestioned masterpiece by the Vassallettos, the famous marble-worker family under the […]

Strolling and cooking class at Trastevere

Trastevere: a myth of colourful streets and marvellous surprises Walking down from the Janiculum hill, from where you will admire the most marvellous view of the entire city of Rome you will savour, together with Anna Bruno, the pleasure of getting lost through the labirithyne streets of the most famous district of Rome: Trastevere. It's [...]

The Appian way: a romantic stroll along the so called Queen of Roads

The Appian way is still a legend! It is the oldest highway (or motorway) ever built.  Started over 2000 years ago, in 312 Bc, it was stretched up during the Empire. It connected initially Rome with Capua (near Naples) and later still with Brindisi (Puglia), from where the ancient Roman ships sailed to Greece and […]

Strolling in Rome at a slow pace

The average time of tourists visiting Rome, in the last few years, is only of two and a half days: one half day at the Vatican, one half day at the Forum and at the Coloseum, one half day through the most famous historical squares and fountains… and only rarely they visit the rest of […]

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