Fully immersive Ed. Tours for kids

Fully immersive experiences with Art and Kids

for 3-6 year old kids and 6-10 year-old kids

Every time, entering a museum or strolling among the ruins of Ancient Rome or the colours, scents and shapes of a historical garden is like embarking on a journey. And along this journey the traveller let himself be carried away as a leaf in the wind. Indeed, this wants to be a pathe where any participant loosens mind control and fear of making mistakes and of being judged! It will be a journey where to free the right side of the brain – where the mysterious ability to create, imagine and invent resides – to let it direct one’s eyes. The mind in turn will learn how to empty itself and start to contemplate, meditate and make connections. This means entering spontaneously into a path devoted to interdisciplinarity, where the combination of narration-question-open externation normally stimulates all participants – children, parents and teachers – to a natural metamorphosis, from passive visitors, consumers, into spect-Actors!

Please provide me with more information about your children (age, grade level and personality) and I will custumize the best fully immersive experience with Art for you!

In the meantime, please take a look at some of my proposals for kids of the above mentioned ages!

Fully immersive experiences with Contemporary Art

As explorers among the Pope’s collections and in the Sistine Chapel

Snooping around the stone or bronze objects and characters of ancient Rome

Talking objects at the Prehistoric and Ethnographic Museum, Luigi Pigorini

As lost actors in search of Myths and Beauty in the historic villas of Rome and Latium

Exploring Underground Rome equipped with a torch 

Storytelling among the ruins of Ancient Rome and Ancient Ostia

“Hey! Look at what a face!”: theater in painting at the National Gallery of Ancient Art at Palazzo Barberini

From the ancient papal Apothecary to the Botanical Garden: storytelling with the Art of the apothecary


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