Fully immersive Ed. Tours for kids

Fully immersive experiences with Art and Kids

for 3-5 year old kids and 5-9 year-old kids

Every time, entering a museum or strolling among the colours, scents and shapes of a historical garden is like embarking on a journey. Along which you let yourself be carried away like a leaf in the wind! Yes, becouse it will be a journey where to learn to loosen mind control and fear of making mistakes and of being judged! It will be a journey where to free the right side of the brain – where the mysterious ability to create, imagine and invent resides – to let it direct your eyes. The mind in turn will learn how to empty itself of all those already beautiful thought-packages conceived by others, and contemplate, meditate and connect with past knowledge. This means ensuring that one’s interiority can find space and start positive relationships and communication. This means entering spontaneously into a path devoted to interdisciplinarity, where the combination of narration-question-open externation normally stimulates all participants – children, parents and teachers -. It is when all of them start a natural metamorphosis, from passive visitors into spect-Actors!

Please provide me with more information about your children (age and grade level, personality) and I will custumize the best fully immersive experience with Art for you!

Fully immersive experiences with Contemporary Art

Following pope Julius II’s footsteps at the Vatican

Exploring Castel Sant’Angelo with the kids

Storytelling among the theatrical squares, streets and fountains of Rome’s historical centre

At the villa Borghese with the kids: the gallery and park

Exploring part of the Roman giant hidden museum: Underground Rome

At the Circus Maximus and Baths of Caracalla with Lucius

Trastevere and the Renaissance villa Farnesina with the kids

Half a day as Roman kids at Ancient Ostia, second most preserved Roman city after Pompeii


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