Documenting, screenplay, cultural assistance to production houses

Writing a screenplay, for me…

Writing a screenplay is not like writing a short story, or even a novel. Although archetypes and symbols are present in all of them in the same way and dynamics and evolutionary stages are often the same. Despite everything, writing a screenplay is something else! Writing a screenplay is writing a story where the invisible does not remain tied to the imagination of the writer or reader, but is transformed into visible images and actions at the same time. For example, the observer is not advised about thoughts and feelings of the characters, but he is made to perceive them. In short, the screenplay is a place where thoughts and sensations become silences and sounds, pauses and action, dialogue and the impossibility of dialogue, expressions or gestures, or even visions. Writing a screenplay is already imagining the movement of the camera and the play of lights on the scene, each scene, meticulously, or still silences, fades to black, sudden detachment of the image! The screenplay is an honest, clean story where digressions and panegyrics are not allowed! Because the screenplay is a real screenplay when it is capable of being and not of demonstrating and paradoxically becoming fictitious at the same time, without hiding!

Documenting, for me

Documenting is revelation. Documenting is a heuristic path winding from intuition, from which the idea springs and the idea excites and pushes for empathic participation with the subject to be researched so that the idea becomes a project and finally a screenplay. The research for the documentary is the moment of curiosity and unveiling, of the cognitive path in symbiosis with the subject; the screenplay of a documentary the meeting and the written and creative exposition of what has been revealed, known. However, documenting is also the result of an enormous work of synergies….

Cultural assistance to production houses

My curiosity, creativity and passion in deepening humanistic issues have allowed me, over the years, to accumulate an interdisciplinary knowledge. Here art and art education, literature and philosophy, history, anthropology and archeology, psychology and pedagogy have often encountered and even more often mixed in such a way as to be able to make me undertake different cultural journeys in tranquility and openness. So my assistance to production companies (especially foreign) concern: translation, assistance with research in the cultural field (artistic and literary), research of the most appropriate locations to shoot certain specific scenes, permit application.

My approach to cinema has been slow over the years. The university exams of film history and history of Italian cinema, cinema and painting, as well as the lessons of contemporary art and cinema held by prof. Gabriele Borghini, were the stylobate of a passion cultivated independently. Eventually, the screenwriting and documentary courses at the Sentieri Selvaggi film school and the numerous workshops also held by the famous screenwriter Ugo Chiti.


I wrote for the director Maurizio Giordano the Baruffa Film association


Together with Paolo Benvenuti, on behalf of COMUNE-INFO – Associazione Persone Comuni, I made the documentary Raccontiamola Giusta (Let’s tell it right), on the first meeting of Solidarity Economy in Latium, held on 11 and 12 April 2015.


I assisted as a cultural expert, translations, permits and logistics, the Australian film production the Big Questions in Rome


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