Art is nothing but a path towards consciousness to re-establish a balance with the whole

A mask is our need to blend into the whole, into Beauty, but, like Beauty, it does not disdain its ambivalence
A mask is our need to blend into the whole, into Beauty, but, like Beauty, it does not disdain its ambivalence
Beauty blossoms from an intense dialogue with Nature: a garden is its gymnasium
Going through the woods of life is to feed oneself. Fairy tales and myths? The cure
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The Greek philosophers believed that Nature offers perfect shapes to enable the human soul to find its original equilibrium. Art is then nothing but Nature’s mirror and a spiritual path for anyone wants to get in touch with his own divine, in the deepest part of himself…

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Art Education

An insight path to develop empathy, intuition, critical thoughts, creativeness, self esteem, harmony

Storytelling Art and Archaeology

A narrative and philosophical approach enlightens imagination

A glimpse beyond bounderies: Gardens and Historical Gardens

Experiencing any garden is  looking for our soul and  the meaning of life is certainly unveiled…

Insight journeys through fairy tales and miths in art, litterature and cinema

to ask symbols and archetypes to open themselves and offer the deepest  meaning of life.

Anna Bruno, il Periegeta

From the ancient Greek word periegeomai, periegeta means “I take you around”…. 

Inspired from the Greek philosopher and traveller Pausania the Periegeta, already many years ago, in 1994,  I started my periegesi around the Eternal city and its environs, with their breathtaking gardens and landscapes, numerous art museums and archaeological sites….

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Cappella Sistina
Elohim created Adham with the help of Adhamah.

Adham, is plural and it means human being.

Adhamah means “ground” (Genesis II, 5-7; III, 19-23)

Both names, Adham and Adhamah, have also a second meaning: red, from the red area (the desert? As desert means the red area?) where Adam and Eve were created, before being expulsed from the Paradise and sent to Ertz (the Earth in Hebrew).

On Ertz, Adham and Eve’s aim changed: since then, they have constantly been looking for their own original lost equilibrum…

Was Michelangelo aware of all this, when he painted the Creation of Adham in the Sistine Chapel? This and other questions normally come out when, with our nose up,  we look at the most famous painting in the world: the Creation of Adham.

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