Tutelage of privacy

Tutelage of privacy

Periegeta, and all its partners are committed to the protection of privacy, abiding by rules given by the law towards clients, products and online services, and also towards its visitors and public sites. Periegeta, uses tracking means and analysis of the visitors of its sites, to better the quality of services and the surfing experience of the contents.


Abiding by the law art.13 D.Lgs 30/06/2003, n.196″ Code on tutelage of personal information “, Periegeta, referring to personal info stored or to be stored, (Ex: registry data, fiscal data and counting data) in reference to the contractual relationship engaged / or to be engaged with the client informs the following:

Data storage will guarantee safeness and discretion and will be achieved by electronic means in order to abide by the law regulating general contract conditions, to verify the correct intercourse of the contractual relationship, and the risks connected to it (ex: veracity of the data given, solvency during the contractual relation) to be used for law policy, promotional purposes of the services offered by Periegeta as for commercial and marketing purposes, implying the use of emails provided by the client.

Providing personal data is not compulsory, anyhow a refusal to provide them might preclude the correct conclusion of the contractual relationship (general data, fiscal code, VAT) and general management data (bank info, activities of the client,  powers entrusted to the legal representative of the client, patrimonial, financial and economical data in general) of the contract Owner of the data bank is: Periegeta, on which the client can use the rights provided by art. 7 of the law and in particular:

Knowing the existence of personal data and having the right to a clear communication of them, having right to get information on the owner, on its goals and the treatment of the data given, on the subjects and categories to whom the data might be communicated, obtain the update, the correction or fulfilment of the data, obtain the cancellation, the transformation in an anonymous way or block of them and oppose, abiding by the law, to the treatment of data, within the limits permitted by the law, oppose to the receiving of promotional material or market surveys  or any other commercial communication.

The whole text of the art. 7 of D.Lgs. (legislative law) 196/2003 on the right of the client can be seen on the site www.garanteprivacy.it

Personal data might be communicated, in an informal way, to our partners for market analysis, sales promotion and general activities. These subjects, even if not involved directly to the treatment of data, might use them as owners.


The systems and the software procedures connected to this web site, achieve some personal data, whose transmission is normal procedure when using internet. This information is collected to be associated to interested subject,  whose identity can be tracked by elaborations with data owned by others. In this category IP or PC dominions are included, operative system etc. this info is obtained solely for statistic information which remains anonymous of the use of the site and to control the correct functioning (see Cookie policy). Data might be used by authorities for  responsibilities against our site.


For what concerns the gathering of info of clients visiting our website, Periegeta informs the following:

  • Collection of data of the visitors our site, can be achieved, aside from the info provided by the client himself, also through cookies.
  • Some of the info collected might be used for registration or for access to private contents.
  • The gathering of data through our software is used solely for promotion of our products and services or for the improvement of our site.

Clients are granted the rights as in the art. 7 of the code on privacy, and in particular the right to have access to personal data, to obtain the correction, update or cancellation, in case they are incomplete, wrong or obtained in an illegal way. The client has the right to oppose, for rightful reasons, by writing an email to:


Any other personal data (such as health conditions, religious beliefs and political opinions) will be deleted if the client does not provide written permission for the use of them.

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