What I offer

Periegeta is an expert of art, art education and historical gardens. And also a personal guide in English and French. We offers the following services:

  • customized (chaffered or walking) tours 
  • traditional and unusual tours in Rome and environs and the Vatican. Sometime with special openings
  • tours and workshops tailored for families with kids
  • tours tailored for school or university groups (especially art students groups).
  • Art Education seminaries and workshops for educators, teachers, museums operators
  • Lessons and conferences in historical gardens
Roma Colosseo

Our traditional tours in Rome and/or its environs

The stones of history: ancient Rome tour

This tour will include the Roman Forum, Palatine hill, Coloseum. This tour may last 3 hours.

To this itinerary you may add further archaeological to visit. Please send us an e-mail and we will tailor a half day or a full day tour for you.

The papacy as guardian of Rome’s artistic heritage

The Vatican museums, the Sistine chapel and the basilica of  St. Peter.

This tour may last from two to four hours.

Piazza Navona

Rome as a open theatre: the most famous squares and fountains

From Piazza del Popolo, the Spanish Steps Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, and piazza Navona,  Campo dei Fiori, Piazza Farnese. Along the way  lots of surprises and suggestions for different sites to visit.

This is suggested as a walking tour and it may last from three to five hours.

Passeggiata per Roma

General sightseeing of Rome

Guide and driver will pick you up at the hotel for a general sightseeing of the most important sites of the Eternal City. History and architecture styles, gossip and anectodes will be mingled to give you a little taste of this marvelous city.

This tour may last three hours. For this tour transportation is also provided.

Giadini Tivoli

Tivoli gardens: Hadrian’s villa and villa d’Este

A driver and a guide will be at your disposal for the whole tour of the II-century villa of emperor Hadrian  and  the Renaissance villa of cardinal D’Este

This tour in the environs of Rome may last from five to seven hours.

The scavi of Ancient Ostia (the second most preserved Roman city after Pompei)

This tour will last 4 hours if only Ancient Ostia. Six hours with the museum of Roman Civilization.

For this tour transportation is also provided or you can reach the scavi by train and meet the guide directly over there.


Underground Rome: a giant hidden museum tracing Rome’s past.
The ancient Roman road: the Appian way. This tour may last four hours. For this tour transportation is also provided.
The Jewish culture in Rome. Please ask information about this special tour and we will tailor it for you.This tour may last from three to six hours.
The picturesque district of Trastevere. Please ask information about this special tour and we will tailor it for you.This tour may lasts from three to four hours.

Further unusual tours can be tailored of course according to your taste, desire and schedule. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


For further information or to book a tour guide uses one of the contacts listed below.


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