ART EDUCATION: seminars and workshops

ART EDUCATION: seminars and workshops

I certainly agree with the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto when he asserts that Art and Art Education have currently the important mission of mediating between Technology and Nature. To this purpose, Art Education is, today more than ever, called for an interdisciplinary educational approch, for what I have chosen the methods of maieutics and interactive representation. 

Indeed, when we make any disciple or follower feel comfortable in front of an artwork, he/she will be increasingly able to go deeper and create an empathic connection with the artwork is in front of and the artist’s soul.  Furthermore, when we let them use multiple creative verbal or non verbal languages, we also help them in their process of minds connecting ideas bouncing off one another, and, in a concrete way, asserting their belief in their collective problem-solving capabilities. Not only! The combination of the two methods also stimulates their imagination and phantasy, their critical thoughts and makes them to become aware of their own spiritual side.

Consequentely, my lessons aim at giving the participants some important tools to grow as art educators in art museums but not only. At the end of the course they will be able to use any of their cultural mean to create a path in any museum which would touch people’s spiritual insight (kids or adulds) and transform them from simple visititors or users into spect-actors.

My thematic seminars on Art education are aimed at educators, teachers and museum operators, university students, parents or any adult would be interested in it

All the seminars are carried out together will an illustrator and street actor.

From theory into practice, hereunder my themes:

Fairy Tale and Myths in Visual Art

The invisible theater and image theater at the museum

Playing with observation, words, the body and colours at a museum

Creating a family tour in a museum and/or in an archeological site

Creating an interdisciplinary path in a contemporary museum or at a contemporary art exhibition

Drawing on the right side of the brain in a museum