Half a day as Roman kids at Ancient Ostia

Half a day as Roman kids at Ancient Ostia, second most preserved Roman city after Pompeii!…

…As ghosts from the future, we will imagine to fly back in time. And…what a noise along the crowded streets of Ostia!… And how many unexpected meetings and surprises at the still active theatre, for example, where we will go as actors!  Or at the party in a sumptuous house where we are invided. On the way, though, please mind you head! Someone may throw some garbage from the  window! How rude!  In that case, there will be no chance! We will have to go to the Bath to get clean, relax and play games like the Roman kids did at the Baths!…and, if you need to, do not worry there are also toilettes….ancient toilettes, of course! And lot more so please do not loose the unforgettable experience! 

This tour foresees some expressive activities

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