What I offer

Storytelling Tours

What makes Rome the most fascinating city in the world it is its ability of donating its theatrical soul to anyone comes to visit or live! An open-air theatre where the scenes change at each turning of the streets to stricke you first of all and then leave you full of dreams. It can really be a mystical experience…

ART EDUCATION: seminars and workshops

I certainly agree with the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto when he asserts that Art and Art Education have currently the important mission of mediating between Technology and Nature. To this purpose, Art Education is, today more than ever, called for an interdisciplinary educational approch, for what I have chosen the methods of maieutics and interactive representation. 

Documentaries and screenplays

Writing a script is not like writing a story or a novel!

In the same way, shooting a documentary is like unvealing every time a bit of the unknown… to yourself and those who will watch it.

Fun Family Tours

All tours, in Rome and/or its environs and at the Vatican, are tailored for families with kids. They will have an interactive storytelling approach, interdisciplinary workshops.

Please give me further information about the age of your kids and interests and I will customize a few tours for your family!

Beyond bounderies: historical gardens

A garden has always been a place for history, myth, fantasy, art, litterature and spirituality: from the legendary hanging gardens of Nineveh and Babylon, traditionally considered as one of the  Seven Wonders, to the Homeric ones of the palace of Alcinoo; from the Greek gardens adorned with gymnasii, arcades, temples, gym rooms, to the gardens of the sumptuous ancient Roman villas – many of which were in Trastevere (Horace mentions Ceaser’s hortii in Sat., I, 9,) …


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