Following pope Julius II’s footsteps at the Vatican

Following pope Julius II’s footsteps at the Vatican

Hello! Have you seen Pope Julius II somewhere? The famous warrior pope who doesn’t like to sit still? He believes he is Julius Caesar and, even more, he believes he is the God Apollo, the God of the Sun and Harmony. Like Apollo, who loves winning in any competion, Pope Julius, hates loosing? And if he does, he takes revenge! And the pope loves all kinds of competitions! Even the idea of having the most important collection of ancient statues in the world! What a strange and funny person Pope Julius is!… Without a doubt, following in his footsteps will be really fun! We will enter stone or painted gardens, and up through his galleries, long rooms where we can have a stroll until we find ourselves with our nose up, looking at Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel! And, hey! Did you know that Michelangelo often argued with Pope Julius? And that one or more times he even took revenge against him? How? Well, he painted him on the vault but hiding the real messages of those paintings! So the pope died without knowing the truth! But we can discover them! Let’s go then and discover them and the many other secret stories kept in those papal palaces!… And when we finish there, we will also follow Julius II and Michelangelo in the basilica of St. Peter’s!

The tour foresees some expressive activities

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