The sacred and Profane in the scenographic illusion of Baroque Style

Esotericism and scenographic illusion of the Baroque style


A visionary walk accompanied by the ideas of the Jesuit father Athanasius Kircher. He was an expert in ancient esoteric symbols and his ideas circulated in Rome throughout the 17th century, just when Freemasonry was taking shape. A walk through lines, shapes, colours and moving or fixed figures looking like guardians among the different opulent materials of an imaginative and scenographic grandeur. Purely illusory but rapturous, as imbued with deep, esoteric meanings, for those wandering souls who, between woods of stones and colours, set out in search of their own equilibrium. On the way, every building will become a temple, every obelisk a tree of life and the Supreme God will be the architect…for man to proceed towards Wisdom.

Our cultural stroll will last 3h, but it can be customized according to tastes and choices of the participants and/or special openings

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