Beyond bounderies: historical gardens

Beyond bounderies: historical gardens

A garden has always been a place for history, myth, fantasy, art, litterature and spirituality: from the legendary hanging gardens of Nineveh and Babylon, traditionally considered as one of the  Seven Wonders, to the Homeric ones of the palace of Alcinoo; from the Greek gardens adorned with gymnasii, arcades, temples, gym rooms, to the gardens of the sumptuous ancient Roman villas – many of which were in Trastevere (Horace mentions Ceaser’s hortii in Sat., I, 9,) – rich in buildings and water; from the Arab gardens annexed to the main palaces, lush in vegetation and fantastic architecture, and that influenced our European medieval gardens, to the Chinese and Japanese ones, full of colors, symbols and peace. Because a garden is always a path for anyone’s soul to find harmony and equilibrium.  In Rome and around Rome in particular most of gardens have still kept their orginal design, from the ancient Roman ones to the XIX-XX century eclectic ones.

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