Playing Art Educational Tours (kids aged 5-11)

Every time I enter an Art museum or I have a stroll in an archaeological site or historical garden, I undertake a creative and spiritual journey in which everything else falls into oblivion. My mind is suddenly kidnapped by the right side of the brain, where our mysterious creative ability lives! Following my eyes, my mind starts to meditate and connect, while it converses silently with my Eidola, the mythical inner child! And together, mind and inner child trace the draft of the narrative path tailoring it for kids. And, little by little, my right arm, fingers and pen scroll through my long-standing diary and the path opens up and gets richer and richer! However it is still a draft! And it will find its development – which will never be definitive – in my tiny study at home! Because it is in that small room, surrounded by the speaking silence of my books, that that draft or sketch is transformed into an interdisciplinary path: it makes use of further knowledge and insights opening up to related workshops. Narration, questioning, externalization of different expressions and open solutions  normally help any participants – children, parents and teachers – to undergo a spontaneous metamorphosis from passive visitors into spect-Actors along that artistic path!

But please, provide me with more information on your tastes and interests and on the tastes and interests of your children, on their age and school level and I will try to customize one or more itineraries for your school or your family/families. In the meantime, please take a look at some of the hereunder itineraries I’ve created for the above mentioned age group!

Interactively in a Contemporary Art Museum 

Following pope Julius II’s footsteps at the Vatican

Exploring Castel Sant’Angelo with the kids

Storytelling among the theatrical squares, streets and fountains of Rome’s historical centre

At the villa Borghese with the kids: the gallery and park

Exploring part of the Roman giant hidden museum: Underground Rome

At the Circus Maximus and Baths of Caracalla with Lucius

Trastevere and the Renaissance villa Farnesina with the kids

Half a day as Roman kids at Ancient Ostia, second most preserved Roman city after Pompeii


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