Guided tours for adults and/or university students

Storytelling Rome

What makes Rome the most fascinating city in the world? It is of course its ability of donating, but slowly, its misterous soul to anyone is ready for! Rome is an open-air theatre where the scenes change at each turning of the streets to stricke you first of all and then leave you full of curiosity and dreams. Rome? It can really be a mystical experience…

Hereunder a few of my suggested itineraries

Strolling through the historical centre of Rome

The Papal Rome as a theatrical stage: historical squares, fountains and lot more!

The Oriental gate of Rome: the charming neighborhood of Trastevere

The Neo-Renaissance style loves the Monti district in Rome

Rome between the sacred, paganism and Christianity…

Michelangelo’s mystical wisdom in Rome and the Vatican

The scenographic illusion of the Baroque between the Sacred, paganism and Christianity

The Esquiline hill: underground and above ground, between the Sacred, paganism and Christianity

The Aventine hill: underground and above ground, between the Sacred, paganism and Christianity

Beyond the bounderies: Historical Gardens in Rome and Latium

Beyond boundaries: Historical gardens in Rome and Latium

Strolling in the historical gardens of Latium

The great themes and places of contemporary art in Rome

Ancient Rome’s soul through its archaeological sites

Underground Rome: a giant hidden museum tracing Rome’s past

The stone of history: the Roman Forum, the Palatine hill and the Coloseum

The Queen of the Roman Roads: the Appian way

The second most preserved Roman city: Ancient Ostia

The Christians in Rome over time

From the early Christians to the Couter-Reformation at the Vatican

Counter-Reformation in Rome: the papal regime

A restless soul in 17th-century Rome: Caravaggio

Palaces, villas and their collections in Rome as status symbol of power

The papacy as guardian of Rome’s artistic heritage: the Vatican Museums, Sistine chapel and the basilica of St. Peter’s

Through Livia’s painted gardens and further more at The National Roman Museum

At the oldest museums in the world: The Capitoline museums 

The aristocracy in Rome: galleries and collections in palaces or suburban villas